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Will I receive 1:1 Personal Training?
You will not receive any 1:1 personal training sessions. This is a self-paced and self-directed training program. 
Is the training program Beginner Friendly?
Fitness Therapy Training is for ALL fitness levels.
Are the training programs designed for a specific age group?
Training programs are designed for anyone ages 18-55. If you are 55+ please email to set up a consultation.
Can I upgrade or downgrade my training subscription?

You may upgrade or downgrade your subscription only after you have completed the full 4 weeks of your program.
You may not upgrade in the middle of your program. (ex. week 2 of any month) Please contact Coach Lorelle a week before your next payment is due.

What happens if I miss my workouts?

You have the ability to rearrange your workouts within the app to fit your schedule.

Can I get a refund if I don't complete my program?
ALL training subscriptions require a 3 month commitment. There are NO REFUNDS for your training program.
How do I know which training subscription is best for me?

ALL training subscriptions are packaged based on level of motivation. Choose the subscription that supports your accountability needs.

Can I cancel my subscription?
ALL training subscriptions require a 3 month commitment to ensure real life changes.

If you are unable to pay your monthly dues, please email 
Will I receive a meal plan?
Meal plans are not included in your program. You may track your nutrition with the food journal and receive nutrition feedback, depending on your subscription. 
What if I don't own workout equipment or have a gym membership?

Your training program includes a guide that provides information on where to het equipment. As well as alternate exercises to work with what you've got and where you're at. 

How do I get in contact if I have questions about my program?

You have access to me via in-app messaging.

Will I lose weight with this training program?

Your training program is designed to help burn fat and build muscle as well as strength. The key to weight loss is nutrition. If you are eating properly and training consistently, you will have weight loss results!

What will happen to my information I upload to the app?

The app is a safe and secure app. I will not share any of your info without your consent.

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